Aileen was a young girl who fought herself up to become the first female Gunslinger. Although she was almost never taken serious she managed to become a gunslinger in the band of Roland Deschain and his friends. Aileen started getting feelings for Roland, witch came in luck, because she and Roland where planned to be wed. But things went differently, when the forces of the "Good Man" John Farson started a rebellion against Gilead, witch soon found word from frustrated citizens, mutants and even traitors in Gilead itself. Most notable traitors where the magician Marten Broadcloak and the wife of the king, mother of Alain's friend Roland. By the time the enormous amount of traitors in their midst where seen by the law of Gilead, it was already to late. The forces of John Farsen where preparing an attack against Gilead. Overwhelmed by Farson, Aileen and her friends had to abandon their homes. For some time they traveled through the land until they where caught up by John Farson's forces. All of Roland's friends and family where slaughtered except for Aileen, whom was wounded with no hopes of getting better. Roland however managed to take Aileen out of the danger zone and wanted to fullfil Aileen's last request, being laid to rest in her own home-town. Aileen unfortunately didn't make it to her hometown alive, as she was killed by trolls that ambushed Roland and an already dying Aileen. Roland did however fulfill his promise to Aileen and managed to take her body back to her home town, where she was laid to rest.

30th May 2011

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Walter O’Dim (part II). From The Gunslinger’s Guidebook.

Walter O’Dim (part II). From The Gunslinger’s Guidebook.

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